These are the tools that we use in our business daily, weekly, or monthly. We fully endorse the use and purchase of these products. We would not put anything on this page that does not help our business.


The SMART System™ bundles ALL 3 of the database systems.  Capture all the advantages and power of Find Cash Buyers Now™, Find Private Lenders Now™, and Find Motivated Sellers Now™.


SendOutCards is helping millions of people act on their promptings and provide a path for financial freedom.


See why Real Estate Investors have ranked Investor Carrot the #1 Real Estate Investor Website System on the planet!


We use AWeber Communications for all of our email marketing, auto-responders, and drip campaigns.


Buy and Sell more Real Estate Fast with Yellow Letters direct mail marketing created for Investors, Brokers and More!



We use Amazon to purchase all of our favorite books for being an entrepreneur, investing wisely, and for equipping yourself with the tools for success!



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